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FAQ's  about  Corporate  Training


What kind of training does The Groundlings offer to businesses?
One of the defining characteristics of The Groundlings Corporate Training is that each session is catered to the needs and desires of your business. A member of The Groundlings team will contact you to discuss your objectives and offer creative solutions. Whether you are a sales group wanting to enhance communication or a team working to creatively develop a new product, The Groundlings is here to facilitate a fun, engaging and dynamic workshop for you.

WHERE can we do the workshop?
That is entirely up to you.  Our instructors can come to your office, retreat or conference center. We can often accommodate workshops at The Groundlings School on Melrose as well.

HOW LONG is the workshop?
Our standard session is three hours, however, because each workshop is customized to the needs of the business, we can come spend an entire work day with your team or schedule a session for as little as 90 minutes.

WHO should attend?
We have conducted successful trainings for CEO’s, marketing groups and everything in between.  We find our training works best if everyone joins in and encourages leaders and those in charge of implementing the training to participate.  This is something we will discuss when customizing your training session.

Who are your INSTRUCTORS?
The Groundlings trainers are whip smart, hip and very, very funny.  They have experience with all kinds of companies and have worked with all age groups.  The best part is that each trainer practices everything they teach and preach – The Groundlings use the skills taught in our workshops to create our critically acclaimed improvisational and sketch comedy shows every week!

What is the COST?
The cost is based on length of visit, size of group and how many instructors are needed to facilitate a successful session.  Our rates are highly competitive and very reasonable.




What will the SHOW be like?
In short: hilarious. Come see one of our popular improv shows on Thursday or Friday nights to see for yourself. Or, if you are not in the Los Angeles area, let us know and we'll send you some video clips to check out.

What do you REQUIRE?
We don't need an actual theatre (though, those are great!) but we do need an elevated playing space of at least 15' wide and 12' deep. We need theatrical lighting that can black out and we need 5 chairs. Easy!

WHERE do you perform your improv shows?
We perform nightly at our 99 seat theatre in Los Angeles and we also travel - anywhere with a stage and some lights will do! We recommend that private shows are performed for no fewer than 65 and no more than 350. If you have a group less than 45, consider contacting our Box Office for group rates to our current shows - boxoffice@groundlings.com. If you want a private experience for your team then you can come to us after hours or we can come to you!